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European Humanitarian Forum
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European Humanitarian Forum

Next edition: first semester 2023

The first-ever editions of the European Humanitarian Forum took place in Brussels from Monday 21 to Wednesday 23 March 2022, in a hybrid format, with most of the events allowing for remote participation and engagement. It was organised by the European Commission and France in the framework of its Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The European Humanitarian Forum gathered policy makers, humanitarian partners and other stakeholders, for a more sustained dialogue on humanitarian policy and strategy. The Forum's outcomes are reflected in DG ECHO's thematic policies, joint statements expressing the collective commitments of humanitarian donors and boosting cohesion in professional networks in the sector. 

The organisation of the next edition of the European Humanitarian Forum was announced for the first half of 2023, with more information to follow soon. 

Humanitarian needs are at an all-time high, driven largely by the resurgence in conflicts, combined with the impact of climate change. Basic norms and principles are being challenged as rarely before, making the delivery of aid more difficult and dangerous.

Commission Communication on the EU’s humanitarian action, 2021

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